The Wangaratta Hockey Club has existed since around the time of the First World War. Over time, the size of the club has diminished. In part, this has been due to the lack of proper training and playing facilities offered by the club.

In not having facilities comparable to other clubs in the Hockey Albury Wodonga (HAW) League, the club has lost numerous players to other clubs over the years which not only has diminished the size of the club, but has also diminished the club’s ability to obtain the facilities needed to attract these players back and to keep the club functioning.

The current committee recognise that the club’s ongoing viability is threatened by this inability to attract and retain members and, as such, have developed this strategic plan. The aim of the plan is to help the club to refocus on what it needs
to do to get the club in a position whereby it can compete with the attractiveness of other larger clubs who play in the Hockey Albury Wodonga League and ensure the continuance of the club into the future.

Our Vision

To grow the Wangaratta Hockey Club into a strong and sustainable club.

Our Mission

To increase participation at all levels within the Wangaratta Hockey Club and to be the safe, welcoming and inclusive community sport of choice for the people of Wangaratta.

Our Priorities

The key priorities of the Wangaratta Hockey Club are:

  1. Membership growth
  2. Training Environment
  3. Coaches and Umpires
  4. Facilities
  5. Administration and meeting legal obligations
  6. Financial and Legal Management
  7. Communication and Promotion

Each of these priorities does not stand alone. The achievement of goals within a single priority impacts on the ability of the club to achieve goals in other priorities and as such, all seven priorities are equally important.

Download the full Strategic Plan to see how we aim to achieve our Goals.