Hockey Stick

A Hockey Stick is one of the most essential pieces of equipment to be able to play hockey.

Hockey Sticks come in various lengths and it is important that you have a stick that is the right length for you.

If you place the hook of the hockey stick on the ground next to your foot, then the end of the stick should come somewhere between your hip and belly button.

You can purchase sticks basic sticks instore at SportsPower Wangaratta, you can find a full range of sticks online or instore in Albury/Wodonga or Shepparton. The club maybe able to loan you a stick if needed.

Shin Pads

Shin pads/guards are another essential piece of equipment. They are compulsory to wear for all players under the age of 18, playing in the Hockey Albury/Wodonga region, both for Games and Training.

Although not mandatory for Seniors (Over 18) the Club strongly encourages all Seniors to wear them for Games and Training.

Hockey Shin Pads are different to soccer shin pads, they are much longer. You can now purchase Hockey Shinpads instore in Wangaratta at SportsPower.

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are another essential piece of equipment. It is Mandatory for all players under the age of 18 to wear a mouthguard at training and during games. You can purchase mouth guards from Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Sports Shops, Kmart and Big W.

Inner Socks

Inner Socks are great for wearing under shin pads. They absorb a lot of the sweat during the game or training, and are much easier to wash then Shin Pads, therefore increasing the longevity of your Shin Pads.

You can now get these instore in Wangaratta, at SportsPower. They only have black, so if you would like other colours, check online or instores in Albury/Wodonga or Shepparton.

Hockey Bags

A Hockey bag is not essential, but is a great way to keep all your gear together, they vary in size and features, but most can fit Shin Pads, a couple of hockey sticks, mouthguard, water bottle, shoes, socks and a ball or two.

SportsPower Wangaratta now carries a small range of Hockey Bags.

Team Clothing/Other General Equipment

Team socks can be purchased from the club and MUST be worn for all games.

Team Shirt will be supplied by the club prior to the season starting.

Black Shorts, Skirt or Leggings are to be worn for Games.

Runners – Footy boots can be worn when playing on Grass only. When playing on Turf (Albury & Wodonga fields) Hockey shoes or general runners must be worn.

Goalie Gear

Goalie Gear is supplied by the Club.